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DPPM UIR Together with 68 Internal Research Reviewers Equalize Perceptions of the Proposal System

Pekanbaru, DPPM: The Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM), Riau Islamic University, is trying to innovate the Research and Community Service system with the newly launched system, by carrying out a series of socialization activities for the system, which was held online on Tuesday (19/04/2022), with around 400 lecturers within UIR joining the event.

With the formation of the Riau Islamic University Internal Research Reviewer Team in 2022, 68 internal research reviewers were confirmed with a Decree from the Chancellor of Riau Islamic University, the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM) followed up by inviting internal research reviewers for UIR in 2022 with the theme Equalizing Perceptions of Internal Research Reviewers UIR 2022, with resource person Head of DPPM Research Division Dr. Dedek Andrian, Monday morning (06/06/2022), in the Auditorium on the 4th floor of the Riau Islamic University Rectorate building.

With the opening of the 2022 internal research proposals using the system, 296 lecturer research submission positions will be uploaded, and will later be reviewed by internal research reviewers. With this system researchers do not know who is reviewing or assessing their proposals so that reviewers can be more optimal in providing objective assessments.

This activity is a common perception and at the same time socialization to familiarize, especially all lecturers at Riau Islamic University, to be familiar and used to the system, whose style adopts the DRTPM Grant system. Of course, with the hope that more future DRTPM grant research proposals will pass and be accepted. In 2022, the total number of proposals funded by DRTPM is 22 proposals, 14 research proposals, 4 service proposals and 4 proposals for further research.

It is hoped that in the future there will be more quality UIR internal research proposals, with more rigorous and bullet-pointed assessments and it is also hoped that lecturers will make the research more truly serious and more focused on the substance of the points, so that there will be a lot of quality research, the results will also be of high quality so that UIR’s achievements in the field of research will be even better, currently DPPM UIR is a Main Cluster which enables us to face tough challenges and must provide quality research in the future, concluded the Director of DPPM Dr. Arbi Haza Nasution, B.IT., M.IT, in his speech.

This Equalization of Perceptions event was immediately opened by the Chancellor of the Islamic University of Riau, Prof. Dr. H. Syafrinaldi SH., MCL, in his speech reminded that with the existence of perception-sharing activities, especially internal research at the Riau Islamic University in 2022, it is hoped that all reviewers can take part in it, and of course the rector gives appreciation to the Director of DPPM UIR and all his staff, with their hard work and efforts. carrying out innovation and change through the research and community service system with the system, hopefully this activity can provide the best for the Islamic University of Riau, in fulfilling the work program of the Islamic University of Riau for educational advancement, concluded the Chancellor of UIR. *EMP

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