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Monitoring and Evaluation Internal Research for TA Lecturers. 2020/2021

August 23, 2021, Pekanbaru, LPPM: In the situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of the Islamic University of Riau (UIR) again held a Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) of lecturers’ internal research which lasted for 4 (four) days from 23-26 August 2021, and August 27 2021 continued with a follow-up on the results of Monev which was carried out online which was immediately opened by the Chair of the LPPM UIR.

Monitoring and Evaluation Activities Internal research of TA lecturers. 2020/2021 is a mandatory activity for LPPM every period as a lecturer’s responsibility for the implementation of their research activities, where for this period each lecturer reports the results of their research via an online system.

In the Monitoring and Evaluation period of FY. In 2020/2021, there were around 104 research lecturers and around 24 monitoring and evaluation participants who took part in this activity.

This monitoring and evaluation (Monev) must be followed by all researchers, because they can find out information on the extent of the achievements of lecturers’ internal research programs that have been implemented by lecturers at the Islamic University of Riau in the year the TA was implemented. 2020/2021. “If any deficiencies or obstacles are found, they can be corrected immediately so that it is hoped that in the next monitoring and evaluation implementation the percentage will be achieved more,” said the Head of LPPM UIR, Dr. Evizal Abdul Kadir, S.T, M.Eng, Monday (23/08/2021).

In his UIR Record speech, Prof. Dr. H. Syafrinaldi, SH., MCL, really appreciates and supports the program implemented by LPPM UIR, of course with the hope that this Internal Research Monev for Lecturers will increase reputable journals and publications, and this can be a motivation for lecturers to always research and win Higher Education Research Grants .

Meanwhile, the Secretary of LPPM UIR Dr.Hj.Zetriuslita, S.Pd.,M.Si explained that the lecturers’ internal research monitoring and evaluation activities for this period, even though they were carried out online using zoom because they were still in the atmosphere of the Covid 19 pandemic, all participants were very enthusiastic in the session. question and answer with the monitors or reviewers.

Internal Research Monitoring and Evaluation for UIR TA Lecturers. 104 lecturers took part in 2020/2021, including (5 people from the Faculty of Law), (11 people from the FAI), (12 people from the Agriculture Faculty), (9 people from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), (14 people from the Faculty of Engineering). ), the FKIP Faculty numbered (35 people), the Fikom Faculty numbered (5 people), the Fekon Faculty numbered (10 people) and the Psychology Faculty numbered (3 people), explained Zetriuslita.

Through this internal research monitoring and evaluation, it is hoped that lecturers will increase their research output to publish in reputable international journals or accredited national journals. *


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