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Directorate of Research and Community Service

Universitas Islam Riau


Research is one of the determining factors for the development of science, technology and arts [IPTEKS]. Therefore, the progress of a nation’s civilization cannot be separated from the role of research. It cannot be denied that developed countries in the world today are countries that excel in research, both basic research and engineering research. Japan and Scandinavia, for example, are two developed countries that have relatively few/poor natural resources, but are the most prosperous countries with high per capita income in the world. This prosperity was achieved due to advances in science and technology that they developed based on research results. On the other hand, Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, but due to the low level of development of science and technology based on research, Indonesia is included in the group of poor countries in the world.


Realizing the importance of research for the progress and prosperity of a country, the government and private sector must take a role in this activity. One of the institutions that has the task of carrying out research is universities. For universities, research is a form of implementation of the tri dharma which must be carried out by all teaching staff both independently and in groups. Riau Islamic University as a tertiary institution is also tasked with developing science and technology based on research. The implementation of research at UIR is coordinated and carried out and supervised by research institutions.

Universitas Islam Riau Research Institute (UIR Research Institute) is an academic implementing element at the university level in the field of research which is tasked with coordinating, monitoring, fostering, developing and managing research activities. The research activities of teaching staff, whether carried out independently or in collaboration with parties outside UIR, are coordinated through the UIR research institute.

To obtain a description of the UIR Research Institute, an institutional profile was prepared with the aim of providing information on the existence of the UIR Research Institute in a concise and concise manner so that stakeholders can know and use it for research and collaboration purposes.


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